What are your hours?

Thursdays - 5pm - 10:00pm MASK REQUIRED FOR MONTH OF MARCH Fridays 5pm - 10:00pm Saturdays - NOON -10:00pm Sundays - NOON - 10:00pm

What should I wear to Schnepf Farms?

For safety reasons, everyone should wear closed-toed shoes such as tennis shoes. It is also recommended that you and your children wear socks so that you can have your feet covered while on the jumping pillows. Always dress for the weather and bring sunscreen and possibly mosquito repellant. But most importantly, wear your SMILE!

How long should I plan on staying at Schnepf Farms?

There are over 25 rides alone. We hope you stay as long as you can. We don't want to rush any one as they wander through the park. That is one of the positives of our Agritainment Park, there is plenty of space to enjoy.

Do you have real restrooms?

Yes, we have 2 large restroom facilities on the Farm. Please see the map of where each is located. We also have 2 sites for portapotties that are cleaned every day.

Where should I nurse my baby?

We have a mother's lounge availble at Guests Services next to the Main Entrance

Can I leave Schnepf Farms and return later without paying admission twice? or can I leave and go to my car and come back?

Yes, please ask for a wristband when you leave the farm. When you return, just show them the wristband. We use a different colored wristband every day.

Can I bring in my own food to Schnepf Farms?

There is no outside food or drink allowed inside the Farm unless needed for medical reasons. Please budget accordingly. We serve an incredible chili dinner, chili & chicken dinner, pizza, succotash, burgers, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches. Plus plenty of fresh delicious bakery goods.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are all wheelchair accessible. However, we are a large 300 acre working farm and the pathways/roads are uneven. Please plan accordingly.

Do you rent wheelchairs?

We do not offer any wheelchairs to rent.

Do you rent strollers?

We used to and are currently in the process of making that decision

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are cashless, except at our main admissions windows. Two other retail locations will be able to take cash to purchase or refill gift cards. All locations on the farm accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks. See our Cashless FAQs for more information!

Do you sell  gift cards?


Can I bring my pet to Schnepf Farms?

Yes you can if they are well behaved dogs and have been properly vaccinated. - Please keep them on a leash - Please no pets in our garden or orchards. - Don't forget to pick up after them. Thank you

What is your professional photographer policy?

To book a photography session outside of festival hours, please email We allow photography on the farm during The Pumpkin and Chili Party with the purchase of admission for all guests.


Why did you decide to go cashless or limit areas for cash?

It's Safer Keeping guests and staff members safe is top priority for us on the farm. Cashless transactions have proven to be safer in retail and amusement park venues than handling money. It's Faster Eliminating the need to make change allows for quicker transaction times and lower wait times, making your experience even better! Less Loss & Efficiently The cashless model allows us to operate more efficiently and effectively, giving our staff members the opportunity to focus more on you, our guest. (We will still take cash, but we are trying to move away from it inside, thank you )

Is the entire farm cashless?

No, we will still take cash. But to limit loss, we are trying to stay away from it. Some crafts and some of the vendors will require cash.

Do you accept all types of card payments, even digital?

We accept all major types of card payments that our POS system, Square, accepts. We also accept all digital, contactless payments that Square accepts, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, etc.

What happens if I don't have enough money on my gift card for the exit?

You may add money to your Schnepf Farms gift card at guest services, the Country Store or Bakery or save the card and use it for a different event on the farm. Cashiers at the Exit cashiers will not be able to accept cash payments. All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover We also accept apple & google pay. (we will still cash, but we prefer not to at this time.)


Who needs to pay general admission?

All guests will be paying kids prices. Children 2 and younger are FREE. There are military, first responders, and our police that will be able to purchase $15.00 tickets with proper ID at the gate.

Do I need to make a reservation if I bring a large group.?

You don't need to make a reservation. However, we offer fun add ons for large groups. Please see our "Group Information" Page on our website. There are no discounts for large groups.

How do I reserve a private campfire or party area?

You can reserve a private campfire by visiting our "Private Campfire" page and reserving your own campfire or party area. or email for more info.