Celebrating 80 Years of Farming


Ray and Thora Schnepf moved to the farm in 1941 and spent their honeymoon night in a one room shack. The small town was too uncivilized for his parents to move out, so they stayed in Mesa. 

Ray and Thora spent 2 years clearing the land before they could begin planting their first crops. And when they did, cotton went into the ground as well as whea, corn & barley. In the 50's the Schnepf's starting planting potatoes that were made in to potato chips. They grew potatoes up until the 90's. In the 70's, the first Peach Trees were planted on the farm. This little farm in Queen Creek, Arizona has shipped produce and fruit around the world. 

Today, as a way of continuing to remain a farm, the 3rd generation has expanded and diversified. Some crops were replaced with roller coasters and trains, buildings were moved to the farm and turned into little shops, the roadside stand was transformed into a bakery and country store.  But the beautiful UPICK garden still remains as the foundation of the farm, as well as orchards full of peach trees.

The Schnepf's hope their home will continue to give the thousands of people who visit the farm each year some wonderful memories.